Thoughtful listener

In 2003, Cardinal Keeler agreed to meet with 2 laypersons who asked permission and his blessing to go directly to parishes and ask parishioners to pray for and support a totally (non-existent!) pro-life, non-contraceptive OB/GYN practice in the metro area of the Archdiocese of Baltimore. He was very kind, listened thoughtfully, and not only gave his blessing, but established a way in which his office, per our request, sent an introductory letter to pastors encouraging them to allow the effort before they were directly contacted by the laypersons, over a period of several years. This effort of prayer, which eventually included over 2,000 people in the Anne Arundel County area, was clearly the spiritual catalyst for Natural Fertility Care at St. Agnes. Cardinal Keeler thoughtfully listened, and didn’t think the desire OR the effort for this goal was crazy. Thank you, Cardinal Keeler! Your initial blessing has led to countless changed hearts and joyful families!

-Kathryn Kirby